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Don’t Panic: Tips on How to Handle Inaccurate Media Coverage of Your Organization or Personal Story

Have you ever experienced false media coverage that almost destroyed your reputation?

Ann Wairimu Ann Wairimu

“Exiled for Truth: The Story of Li Zehua, Chinese Journalist Reporting on the Wuhan Outbreak”

A Chinese citizen-journalist who made videos of Wuhan during the COVID-19 outbreak

Cherryl Onserio Cherryl Onserio

The Power of Solutions Journalism: How Positive Stories Can Make a Difference in Environmental Reporting

Environmental reporting often focuses on the negative aspects of our planet's health,

Ann Wairimu Ann Wairimu

Journalistic Ethics in Africa: Why Verifying Sources is Essential for Accurate Reporting

In journalism, accuracy is key. News stories are supposed to inform the

Ann Wairimu Ann Wairimu

Russian journalist handed corrective labour for ‘fake news’ about army

Russian freelance journalist Andrei Novashov was handed an eight-month corrective labour sentence

Reuters Reuters