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Nation Health Journalist Described as Font of knowledge Dies Aged 31

Tributes have been paid to award winning journalist Elizabeth Merab who succumbed

Ann Wairimu Ann Wairimu

Mastering Breaking News: Essential Skills for Journalists in the Field

Essential Skills for Covering Breaking News Every Journalist Should Know Breaking news

Saadiya Mohammed Saadiya Mohammed

Open Democracy Seeks Africa Editor to Promote Human Rights and Social Justice

Open Democracy, a global media platform that aims to challenge power and

Ann Wairimu Ann Wairimu

South Sudan Releases Two Journalists Arrested Over Viral Video of President Salva Kiir

In a positive turn of events, South Sudanese authorities have released two

Cherryl Onserio Cherryl Onserio

Don’t Panic: Tips on How to Handle Inaccurate Media Coverage of Your Organization or Personal Story

Have you ever experienced false media coverage that almost destroyed your reputation?

Ann Wairimu Ann Wairimu